Photography: Vanja Čerimagić

“Your Mund Squeeze Box” (2017) socially engaged theatre play is bringing testimonials of woman and man who survived rape during the war in Bosnia. The entire  text was built from verbatim interviews made with survivors in order to keep authentic testimonials when speaking about this extremely sensitive topic. The aim was to give a voice to those experiences, to break stigma and silence when it comes to rape as a war crime and trauma that leaves heavy marks on survivors. This piece was looking for sensible and supportive ways to tell stories that were not heard, while making an invitation to be there for those who survived unimaginable. Just to be there. 

“We don’t have to talk. It is enough to be there!”

Script and concept:

Marija Framer

Direction and adaptation: 

Danilo Jovanović and Anes Osmić


Soraja Ćehić 

Maida Salkanović

Semir Makaš

Mersiha Begić

Rabija Nurkanović

Ena Redžović

Amra Hasanović

Photography: Vanja Čerimagić

Visual identity: Vanja Lazić


Association Anpu and Foundation Kriterion with financial support of UNFPA

Photography: Vanja Čerimagić