Sarajevo trilogy


Sarajevo trilogy is an intimate emotional conversation between the  artist and the city of Sarajevo. All three parts are made as solo performances. For Danilo, Sarajevo as a place to exist was deliberating, caring, violent, heavy, cozy and frightening. Chosen home and a place from childhood stories that all of a sudden became sanctuary and opportunity for self discovery, altogether. In ten years of living there and expressing his art and queer identity on Sarajevo streets, love and hate relationship with the city was constant. As a queer activist in BH homophobic society Danilo faced many challenges which had a strong impact on his artistic expression. Sarajevo trilogy speaks about those challenges such as violence, lack of safety, drug addiction, romantic and sexual relationships. 


 “Monodrama without Drama” (2014)The first part of the trilogy opened a space of vulnerability, pain and trauma. What is happening after we survive violence in the public space? Challenge of exsisting as a queer person in a homophobic society is taking central point of this piece. Those experiences are shared on the stage as a self empowering act, as resistance, as liberation…For Danilo, it was essential to mark the stage as the safest place for standing and speaking his truth.


“Monodrama in 3m2 of Drama”  (2015)  The second part of the trilogy is opening a discussion about healing. How can we heal after surviving traumatic events? It was an inner urge for Danilo to discover a safe space within himself. Besides movement and spoken word, this piece communicates with the audience through messages written on a cupboard that the artist is creating and leaving next to audience members. 

“Drama is a Lovely Woman, I Tell You!” (2016)This performance took improvisation as a starting point for theatrical research. What is happening when there are  no lines, script, or any prepared statements? What is on the other side of fear of being exposed on the stage? With very few elements that were fixed (drums, few repetitive movements and lighting) the space was left for unknown to come up on the stage, unknown for the artist and audience. This performance was a closure of the Sarajevo trilogy and on a personal level for Danilo, it was an intimate closure of ten years living in Sarajevo, without knowing that soon after the performance premiere, he will  leave the city literally.