Premiere! United Fortress of Europe – Odeon theater 11/12/13.09


We are excited to announce that our new show is coming on stage in amazing Odeon theater in Vienna. We are very much looking forward to see you there.  


“United Fortress of Europe”

11., 12., 13 of September 2022. 19:30h Theater Odeon, Taborstraße 10, 1020 Vienna

Languages: English and German

September 12th: Exclusive artist talk after the performance. Moderated by Zoe Gudović

“This is not a developing third world nation, this is Europe.” 

Welcome to the United Fortress of Europe: an exclusive compound for prosperous middle class people who are not obviously refugees. This isn’t a place where war happens (or where you hope it will happen). 

So, what happens when it does? 

In this high-speed show, we’ll shatter delusions of civility while tearing through the selective dehumanisation of people fleeing war. As Europe’s memory falters and rewrites itself, we are here to remember those you’ve tried to forget. The fortress is in crisis; you thought the walls were to stop people from coming in, but is it you who will need to get out? 

We’re not acting, we’re bringing our open souls onto the stage. A ferocious melange of chaos, this is Side-Effect Theater as you’ve never seen them before. This is the United Fortress of Europe and oh no, we’re in trouble. 

Direction, concept and screenplay: Danilo Jovanović

Performers and content creators: 

Iva Marković, Jasmin Behnawa, Lamisse Hamouda, Morteza Mohammadi, Noël Iglessias, Rada Živadinović, Shahrzad Nazarpour

Light and sound design: Yasemin Duru

Costume design: Maurício Ianês

Scene and objects design: Yasemin Duru 

Music: Belma Zvizdić & Nedim Zlatar

Make-up design: Jovan Glušica

Sound assistant: Mursal Heydari 

Photography: Luiz Lima

Visual identity: Vanja Lazić

Vocal coach: Jana Dolečki

Executive producer: Iva Marković

Production: Physical Theater Company Side Effect & Theater Odeon

Supported by: Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien und das Bundesministerium für Kunst, Kultur, öffentlichen Dienst und Sport

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