Woher kommst du?

“Woher kommst du?” (2019) is a two person collective performance created through the devising process. It’s core is in personal experiences, emotions and visions of performers related to migration. Through it’s open and poetic structure of storytelling, “Woher kommst du?” is questioning topics of home, coming and leaving, togetherness, separation from a migrating Balkan perspective in an Austrian context. What is the power of the sentence “Where do you come from?” and what is the actual meaning behind it? 

Concept and choreography: Danilo Jovanović

Performers and content creators: Iva Marković and Danilo Jovanović

Video production: Flavia Mudesto

Technical support: Ivan Bilić

Music: Drums of fury; Composer: Alexander Hoff

Production: Physical Theater Company “Side Effect”


Big thank you to G7, Vienna.